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Art lessons for children

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36 years of working with children

Miho started teaching children from when he was in art school and replaced the teachers in lower grades.


Raising young talents became one of his life vocations.

Miho belongs to the old school of teaching. He passes on his skill in the way it has been done for centuries. In his studio reigns the spirit of respect, mutual aid and hard work.

Relying on his experience, Miho finds an individual approach to each student. He knows how to motivate children to continue, even if something does not work right away.

Children begin their studies in the studio from 6-7 years. In this age it is already possible to reveal a clear predisposition to serious painting. 

Miho prepares his Russian-speaking students for the passing O Level and A Level exams in the Fine Arts.

After graduation, many of the students enter prestigious art schools in EU, UK and Russia and become professional artists, architects, and designers.

How are art classes organized?

Children's classes are held Thursday and Friday, from 16 to 19. The frequency of classes depends on the school schedule and the kid’s capabilities and desire.

Duration of lessons for children under 11 years old - 1.5 hours, older than 11 y.o. - 2 hours.

Children begin drawing with pencils and crayons. Teaching academic drawing involves working with simple compositions. Based on the basic things children learn to convey the shape, volume, color. Gradually, students learn about watercolor, acrylic, oil.

During summer practice, lessons are held at the zoo, where children learn to work in the open air. For older students, anatomy classes are organized where they learn to work with a model.

It is important for parents to understand that Miho never draws for a child. All children's drawings made in the studio, are made by children themselves. Miho only prompts, directs, points to mistakes and achievements.

The first lesson for a child in the studio is a gift from Miho. The child is asked to draw something simple in order to assess the level of training and give recommendations for the future to parents. 

One's path to the profession of artist

Child who begin to study painting at the age of 6-7 years can become an artist by the age of 14-16. By this time, students work in any technique and on different subjects. The achieved level of skills allows them to help older colleagues in the studio to perform orders.


The profession of the artist remains with the child forever. Many people who were engaged in painting in childhood, but did’n continue, return to it in difficult crisis times as in a safe haven to take a break, relieve stress and even find yourself again.

As the child grows and learns, his skill grows too. MihoArt is not only a studio, but also a working gallery, where exhibitions and thematic meetings are held all year round. The students of the studio observe the gallery’s kitchen from the inside, get acquainted with local artists, and also have the opportunity to show their work to the public.

On the Children's Day every year, Mihoart together with the Kepaky charity foundation organizes an exhibition of children's drawings, in which MihoArt students participate.

For children, this is an exciting event, the rehearsal of their future presentations, whether it be art or a scientific project.

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