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Art lessons for adults

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27 years of teaching academic painting

Miho Ebanoidze has teached academic drawing and painting for 27 years.

He is an old school professor and teaches painting the way it’s been done for centuries.

For each person, Miho selects an individual plan that allows to maximize student's abilities and take a great interest in art.

In MihoArt Studio you’ll learn

  • how to build a composition

  • how to work with color, light and shadow

  • how to use various tools and materials. Pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil etc

  • how to choose a plot for your picture

  • how to paint a still life, landscape or portrait etc

How do we study

You can start from any level of training and at any time if there are available places.
The frequency of lessons is from 1 to 3 times a week and it's on your choice.

If you have never seriously painted (or it was a long time ago), you're going to start with a simple HB pencil.

After the basic lessons of composition and volume transfer students use colored pencils, then watercolor.

Miho insists on first drawing from real compositions.

Simply looking things like a mug, a grenade or a jug are used to master basic skills, without which it is impossible to create serious artwork.

Adults learn much faster than children, and after several months of regular classes, students confidently create compositions in an academic style.

Further training includes working with acrylics and oils, visiting plein-airs and anatomy lessons.

Plein airs

Miho believes that the plein airs are an integral part of the study of painting.

When you work in the open air you paint color, air, shadow, your mood and impressions. This is art. Even when the picture is so realistic that it looks like a photo.


We work in the open air in comfortable weather, in spring, in early summer and in autumn.

We paint mountain, village and seascapes. Each student works with the material in which he/she feels confident. Later in the studio we finish sketches made in the open air.

Anyone can join pleinairs, there is no need to be a student of Miho. You can find out the schedule and sign up via the feedback form. 

Anatomy lessons

In anatomy lessons we learn to write people alive.

Studying anatomy is necessary for an anatomical image of the human figure. With people, it is not enough to see what you're drawing, it is important to understand how everything is arranged - skeleton, muscles, proportions, etc.

We learn how to work with a nude model. We start with small parts, drawing a hand, a leg, a clavicle.

Step by step, we put everything together and receive a muscular corset, only in a pencil. Then we take up the color and strike at the portrait.

If you want to practice in drawing nude and you already have basic painting skills, anatomy classes are held every Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Exhibitions and career

Studying in MihoArt Studio is not just painting lessons. But also meetings with local artists, designers, photographers, stylists - everyone who is not indifferent to the world of art.

As your professionalism in painting grows, you will be able to exhibit your works at the gallery’s events. 

Miho is a vice-president of the Association of Mediterranean Artists (AMA). He invites students to attend or take part in exhibitions organized by the AMA.

Upon reaching a high level of painting, you can apply for membership in the association and continue to enjoy the privileges.

As a result you can not just write for yourself and your family, but also exhibit and sell your works.